Farewell & Thanks


Sorry to say, but this will be my last blog post for The House.  The owners & I have agreed to amicably part ways, & it makes sense from a business perspective for Art & Jan to take over my social media responsibilities moving forward.  I'm all for that.  And although it was wasn't the most profitable part of my contribution to The House's on-line presence, I've always taken a lot of pride in the writing aspect & hope that others continue to enjoy some of the pedantic ramblings & inspired kvetch-sessions that I've cobbled together over the years.

Since I became a patron almost eight years ago, I've seen The House (nee 6 'n' Save) evolve over the years from a fairly underground, very DIY "honey-hole" of beer enthusiasm to a widely-renowned beer mecca that, while becoming more professional & established all the time, retains its homey DIY vibe.  The beer landscape has changed - more breweries, more bars getting into the craft beer game, chain establishments now selling craft beer to-go - & I'm constantly impressed with how mainstream craft has become.  This is not a niche, "tell-me-more" kind of field any more - the public's knowledge & awareness of good beer is growing all the time.  That's a good thing.

Rather than get maudlin, I'd like to get into the spirit of the season & show some gratitude.  I thank Dave for building the business he did, & for allowing me to be part of something that's meant a lot to me.  I thank John for the opportunity to learn more about this passion of mine, & for trusting me to do right with The House's reputation, at times in the face of some harsh negativity.  I thank Art & Jan for continuing with me & acknowledging my strengths.  I thank ALL of the above for giving me the freedom to keep the blog, to organize The Sour & the Funky for four years (something I've loved & been very proud of), to throw 29 Top Shelf Thursdays.  I thank them for listening to me, especially when I was being a pain in the ass, because it's always been for the good of the beer & the good of The House.  I'm thankful for everyone I've worked with (even Brandon), for being part of a great team & making good friends.  I'm thankful for all the industry people & scenesters I've met & talked to along the way.  I'm thankful for all the interesting folks I've befriended over the years, whose smiles hold the place together & whose passion is as great as mine.  I'm thankful for everyone who's attended an event, liked or commented on something on-line, struck up conversation, or just said "Thanks".

I'll be around, just not behind bar or getting in people's way like I tend to.  Thanks for letting me make a contribution & for engaging in the discourse.  I can still be found on twitter (@OneDropSoup), making infrequent & unthinkably profound commentary on beer or whatever's amusing or pissing me off at the moment.  Or join the Pittsburgh Craft Beer group on Facebook - I get around there pretty often, too.  I wish Art, Jan, John, & the crew the best, & again - thank you for everything.

Farewell & Thanks
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