Thunderfest Stein Hoist-a-Dome

This happened and it was awesome.
Quite possibly the greatest Stein Hoisting Competition of All Time. In New Kensington.. At House of 1000 Beers... FIVE BREWERIES. FIVE EVENTS. 12 PARTICIPANTS ENTER! ONLY (ONE) LEAVES! Sorry, I mean WINS!!!! 1st hoist is Great Lakes Oktoberfest 9-16-2017, 7:30PM 2nd hoist is Spaten Oktoberfest 9-22-2017, 7:30pm 3rd hoist is HofBrau Oktoberfest 9-23-2017, 7:30pm 4th hoist is Penn Brewing Oktoberfest 9-29-2017, 7:30pm 5th and FINAL hoist is Sam Adams Octoberfest, 7:30PM Enter and automatically walk out with the Stein of the Day! Registration is DAY OF by 7pm. Please do not call to reserve your spot. Rule & Prizes: JUDGES RULE ALL! If you are told you are out, you are OUT! Longest hoist of the day Wins Brewery Specific Prizes! Longest hoist for The House's entire "Thunderfest Stein Hoist-a-Dome" wins: 1st Place $100 gift card to The House! 2nd Place $50 Gift Card to The House 3rd Place $25 Gift Card to The House But, KEEP holding to enter the national challenge sponsored by Sam Adams and Sports Illustrated. Best time could get you entered in following rounds nationally!
Google Map of New Kensington
New Kensington
357 Freeport Road
New Kensington, PA