St Paddy's Day Weekend

11AM to 9PM

Starting this Friday come join us for Irish Fun! Glass Give-always and ONE heck of a great food and drink menu! St. Paddy’s Day Menu (BEER & Specialty): ~Irish Bomb ~ Cheers...$7 ~Jamison Green Tea Shot~ $7 ~Jamison~ $7 ~Bushmill’s~ $7 ~Jamison Pickle Back~ $7 (Happy Hour 5-7 daily) (HALF OFF DRAFT) (7-9pm daily) (GLASS-GIVE-AWAY) 20oz Guinness Nitro Irish Stout...$7 (Get a draft KEEP THE GLASS) Smithwick's Irish Red... $6 (Get a draft KEEP THE GLASS) Harp Premium Lager...$6 (Get a draft KEEP THE GLASS) Kilian’s Irish Red... $6 (Get a draft KEEP THE GLASS) St. Paddy’s Day Menu (FOOD): ~Scotch Egg~ Hard-boiled egg encased in sausage, breaded and fried with a side of gravy…$8.00 ~Corned Beef and Cabbage~ Slow cooked corned beef with cabbage, served over mashed potatoes...$14 ~Irish Poutine~ French fries topped with cheese curds, corned beef, and gravy...$9 ~Shepard’s Pie~ Stewed ground beef and peas, topped with mashed potatoes...$8 Also, releasing this Wednesday is our very first HOUSE BEER! Our new HO1KB Golden Handshake Golden Lager. It was created for us by New Belgium Brewing Co. $3 pours and $12 pitchers during happy hour EVERY DAY!!!

100 Fowler Road, Suite 50
Warrendale, PA